Natural spa elixir

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The future of your skin must rely an ancient wise traditions, in which natural resources are in the center . The dead Sea Spa Elixir Body line carefully collected from around the world exotic plants , fruits and spices, with an emphasis on quality natural raw materials according to the value of each ingredient, for skin's health. The value of those herbal blends to the Dead Sea Spa Elixir prestige cosmetics, creates a totally new dimension of natural and soft pleasurable body spa experience, enhancing beauty and well-being. Dead Sea Spa Elixir invites you to enjoy the soothing care of the world 's leading spa formulas to moisturize your skin deeply.



The mix of herbal and minerals

The enchanting handmade herbal 3 days infusion in Pure Dead Sea water is enriched with many minerals that exist only in the Dead Sea benefactors for the skin' s appearance. Combined with natural herbs, plant extracts and added vitamins, your skin will relish the relaxing spa treatments, bringing natures's wonders to your skin in the comfort of your own home...