Woman's Face Spa


You are beautiful and We make sure everyone sees it


Our skin is a protective layer against environmental damage which wraps all of our face. It has no substitute and because of that fact, it has tremendous importance, so we need to protect nurture and treat our skin the best way we can. In order to do that, we need to use products with high quality raw materials, which are safe and natural. The Dead Sea Spa Elixir prestige traditional face collection provides the wonderful answer, all of the products are enriched with many natural ingredients and free of toxic chemicals substances that harm us through environmental pollution. Natural ingredients reduces that damage, leaving our skin with only that benefit.


Capture the glory youthful years through your skin.

Bring back the youthful beauty, firmer-looking skin, smoother complexion and more radiant. The Dead Sea Spa Elixir collection strives to give your skin all the nourishment it needs to enhance a beautiful complexion and to restore a wrinkle-free appearance.

You are beautiful and the Dead Sea Spa Elixir face collection provides you the best luxury treatment care and make sure that everyone around you will notice it!