Spa Force for Men

There is no doubt that men's skin is different from women's skin


The facial treatments menu exclusively for men has been prepared using THE DEAD SEA SPA ELIXIR Spa Force men range. Used on a regular basis they re-balance the skin, helping to maintain a younger, sharper, cleaner, and sleeker appearance. The the nature-based men range formulas includes a handmade infusion in Dead Sea water of skin softening hibiscus flower, refreshing spearmint leaves, and rejuvenating ginger, native to Southeast Asia, used for centuries as a natural skin soother.

You can beat time, but with the DEAD SEA SPA ELIXIR collection, you can delay its impact, while enjoying the process.




Nowadays, Spas are not only for women, men are seeking out SPA treatment.
SPA FORCE TREATMENTS are designed in tubes with it Herbal Infusion Formula to give the best treat for men at home, at any hour, day and night. The intensive shaving in men's grroming routine accelerates the signs of ageing, and a lackluster appearance is often caused by a lack of hydratation. Men's skin is tight and pulls, it needs a deep rehydration.